E-Photo Newsletter #247

by Michael Diemar

This Year's Paris Photo Comes on Strong, Even with Sunday Demonstrations

"Extremely pleased with the strong attendance and the robust sales." That's what most exhibitors reported to me as the 22nd edition Paris Photo drew to its close. There was even more to see this year than last, altogether 168 dealers and galleries, 31 book publishers, plus all the special exhibitions, including the…

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E-Photo Newsletter #246

Problems in Cyberspace

Some of you may have encountered problems viewing our three websites (besides Artsy) in early November. While IPhotoCentral.com and VintageWorks.net were down or not working properly for over a week, they now appear to be up and running correctly. In fact our ContemporaryWorks.net website is still not working properly. And, if you sent…

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E-Photo Newsletter #245

by Alex Novak

Galleries and Private Photography Dealers Are Battling New Epic Challenges

While the general economy appears to be doing the best it has in nearly 50 years, and art and photography auctions and prices continue to hit numerous records, there is a darker story looming for many of this market's merchants, as well as for small businesses as a whole. It seems…

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Escalating rents in urban art centers like New York City are freezing out photo and art galleries.